Wirehaired Vizslas

Wirehaired vizsla

They say a good dog can make a good hawk and it's very true. A well trained pointer with an instinctive willingness to hunt is worth its weight in gold. Whether you are a game hawker flying a peregrine at Grouse on a Scottish estate or an Austringer working through dense brambles with your Goshawk on the fist, a good working dog is a real asset or even essential.

Like many Austringers (those that fly hawks as opposed to falcons) we do employ ferrets and a very effect supplier of rabbits they are too! However, despite this, I have always preferred to fly over a pointer. For me there is no comparison. To own, train and developed that close bond with your working pointer is very special. Even after many years of working pointers, I still get a buzz of excitement from seeing my dogs come on point and flush game for the hawks.

I have seen many very good individual dogs from most of the commonly used hunt point and retrieve breeds currently used in the UK today, but my choice is the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla. Their gentle nature and willingness to please is endearing. They absolutely adore their owners and much prefer to be within and be a part of the home environment. Generally their intelligence and biddable nature makes them easier to train than many of the other strong willed HPRs.

After researching the breed we bought our first dog Jake, over 16 years ago now and were amongst the first to use them in falconry and we haven't looked back. Sadly Jake passed away last year. He was a tremendous ambassador for the breed in those early days when Wirehairs very rare. I've lost count of the number of Wirehairs which were bought due to Jake. We now work Bella and her mother Ruby, both bred by ourselves and continue to impress all those they meet and work for in the field.

You can see photographs of all of our dogs as well as videos of them working for the hawks either in our gallery or on YouTube. Just search 'hunting with Finnish Goshawks' in Youtube and you will see for yourself just how much we rely on them and how good they are.

Wirehaired vizsla running through the grass