Finnish goshawks

Finnish Goshawk

Our Finnish Goshawks have been selectively bred over many years to produce outstanding individual specimens. The stock has been drawn from some of the largest and most able hunting lines available here in the UK over the past 20yrs. Some of our original and oldest hawks were bred from the last of the wild taken Finnish Goshawks.

Over the years only the largest and most accomplished of our hunting hawks have been entered into our breeding programme as we have constantly strived to improve size, hunting ability and temperament. In the right hands our hawks have gone on to great success. Whether it has been hawking pheasants in the woodlands of Kent, brown hare and rabbit in the Yorkshire dales or Blue hare and Geese in the Scottish highlands they have proved themselves capable of taking on any quarry. These are certainly not exaggerated claims and would encourage you to view our videos to see our Dalemews goshawks in action and judge for yourself their temperament and hunting prowess.

Here at Dalemews all of our Goshawks are naturally produced in total seclusion aviaries. Although we can and have provided hawks for imprinting the remaining young are all parent reared and have no human contact other than fitting closed rings until they are hard penned and ready to go at 9 to 11 weeks old.

All of our hawks are fed on a top quality diet of quail, pheasant (trapped and not shot) rabbit, wood pigeon (frozen for 14 days) and rat. No DOC's are fed to any of our hawks during the breeding season.

At Dalemews we do not make exaggerated claims or rash promises of size and weight, we cannot guarantee this. What we can guarantee is that you will be treated honestly, fairly and in a professional manner. Please browse through our gallery, breeding and videos and judge for yourself.

Female Finnish Goshawk taking rabbit