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We now selling high quality hide lures for sale. Please visit our for sale page for more information.

Here at Dalemews we are a small but highly professional breeder of Hungarian Wire Haired Vizslas and Finnish goshawks based in the North of England.

Our aim is to fly and breed some of the most outstanding Finnish goshawks in the UK and Europe

The Dalemews name is a registered Kennel Club affix for the breeding of our Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas. We are very proud of the Wirehaired Vizslas and Finnish Goshawks we produce and the excellent reputation we have within the UK falconry community.

Please take time to browse through the pages of our website where you will find photographs, videos and information on the breeding and hunting of our Goshawks and Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas.

Through our website we wish to promote the art of falconry, the responsible captive breeding and husbandry of Goshawks and of course our chosen breed of working dog, the Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla.

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