For sale: Female Golden Eagle For Sale

Golden Eagle

Hatched 2015 and bought by ourselves in November last year. Bred by the highly respected and experienced eagle breeder George Mussared. Her mother is an imported bird from Kazakhstan. This young female golden eagle was a pleasure to train. At no time has she shown any aggression, she handles very well and has a nice gentle temperament.

We managed to get her up to flying free and chasing quarry by the end of last season, but due to the her late start we did not get her entered. You can see her progressing on the creance in some of last year’s YouTube videos.

Regrettably due to a change in circumstances we are now unable to fly her and feel this magnificent Golden Eagle should be entered and continued to be flown.

It is important to us that she goes to the right person who can devote the time and effort that a Golden Eagle deserves.

Price; £3,250.00

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