DM Lures

We at DM Lures produce quality bespoke lures

At present we are producing two types of lures, fox and hare suitable for the use with modern electronic lure machines used within dog and falconry fitness training.

Roe Lure

Our hare lures are made with quality roe deer pelts and kangaroo leather. The kangaroo leather is used to produce the food patch and tethering straps which are all sewn and attached using brass eyelets and durable wax thread. An addition to the food patch is a drawstring mechanism keeping the food in place during the training exercise. if using a Dm hare lure for dog training we can supply without the leather food patch ( please state when ordering )

We aim to produce our hare lures at 24" long 4" in diameter the weight of our lures range between 11lbs 10oz and 2lbs. This is subject to the hides length and thickness.

Price: 80.00 + 10.00 P+P

Fox Lure

Our fox lure is the most genuine and realistic lure to hit the uk market, it has become a popular training aid with uk and European falconers. The lure is made from quality grade pelts sewn together including the tail giving the lure a more natural look when pulled. We also use kangaroo leather for the straps and food patch which include brass eyelets and wax coated thread. This lure can also be used for dog training without the food patch.

The weight of our fox lures vary from 1lbs 8oz and 2lbs depending on length and thickness of the pelt

Price: 90.00 + 10.00 P+P

We are now accepting orders for our rabbit pelt lures. Price 55.00 + 10.00 P+P. More details to follow.

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