DM Lures

We at Dm Lures produce quailty hand crafted bespoke falconry lures.

At present we have six lures in our range these include the roe pelt, squirrel, rabbit, brown hare, blue hare and fox.

The smaller lures such as the roe pelt, squirrel and rabbit are better suited for smaller hawks such as the harris hawk, with the larger hawks and eagles the rabbit, hare and fox lures are better suited. All lures come with a draw string attachment for securing food to the chosen lure and also a tethering eyelet for fast attachment to a lure machine or creance. All lures are produced using roe, rabbit and fox pelts making them strong enough to withstand the larger eagles used within falconry but still giving them a natural look in the field.

Our postage prices are based on uk sales however we can ship worldwide. If you are looking to purchase outside the uk please contact us for a shipping enquiry before purchase as prices will vary.

Price list + postage

Roe 15 + 5

Squirrel 20 + 5

Rabbit 55 + 5

Brown hare 85 + 5

Fox 85 + 5

Blue hare 95 + 5


Roe Pelt - Price: 15.00 + 5.00 P+P     Squirrel Lure - Price: 20.00 + 5.00 P+P     Rabbit Lure - Price: 55.00 + 5.00 P+P

Brown Hare - Price: 85.00 + 5.00 P+P     Fox Lure - Price: 85.00 + 5.00 P+P   Blue Hare Lure - Price: 95.00 + 5.00 P+P

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